Monday, October 6, 2014

Social Media and Restaurant Design

With social media changing the way people enjoy their dining experience, more restaurants are incorporating the 'Instagram-factor' into their design.

Good restaurant design has always been about finding a balance between customer comfort, functionality and style but with more and more Aussies Instagramming and Tweeting their dining experiences live from the table, it's becoming increasingly important for restaurants to think about the visual impact of their design and decor.

The restaurant Din Tai Fung in the new Central Park Development in Sydney has a younger generation market who is led by social media, the space has been designed to be highly Instagrammable with supper graphic branding and an authentic hawker street bike cart which can be shared through social channels.

Diners love to see their food prepared and this photo below of the chefs in full swing at Chefs Pantry in Sydney gives the diner a sense of theatre and again very popular on social channels

Restaurant or bar features are also a magnet for social media grabs and is so important when marketing the venue.

Social media has a huge impact on a restaurants success. Word of mouth, which can happen through social media can accelerate the success and interest in a venue. People express their thoughts based on their experiences and their perceptions of the environment, and that creates an enthusiasm in others to want to come down and experience the place for themselves.

However at the end of the day, the right design for any given venue is the one that attracts the demographic you're after, be it a smart phone happy crowd excited by 'visual noise' or those who are prepared to let your food do the talking.

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